The company’s history began in 1960 when Tubitalia – Geom. Ambrogio Giudici begins to produce concrete pipes and concrete items, becoming one of the first manufacturing companies to serve road companies. It stands out on the market by introducing the built-in stoneware pipe and the socket pipes for fitting into wells. Thanks to the experience gained and new industry perspectives, he decides to enter the market of small-scale concrete products on a large scale, getting immediately large jobs. Thus Cesa S.r.l. was born, rooted in the group of companies belonging to the founder Tubitalia Geom. Ambrogio Giudici, completing the range of production with all types of concrete items, in order to satisfy all the needs of construction companies, road civil and railways. You can download our brochure by clicking on the following link.


Production of high-strength concrete pipes for underground pipelines, with or without a reinforced flat support base. Male-male pipes available for connection to the sewer system. Products in the normal or reinforced version with all types of coverings and gaskets. Inspection rooms, manholes, curbs for sidewalks, lighting plinths, special ballasts, channels and tanks complete the wide range of production. Our technical department is also able to to support the customer with the realization of custom made products based on end user specifications.

The core of our production are the concrete pipes with embedded stoneware. They are pipes that exploit the synergy created by the use of concrete and stoneware set in the thickness and offer a perfect and durable mechanical and chemical resistance to corrosive agents from water, allowing a greater speed of sliding of heavy sludge. Our production plants allow to obtain an item where the base is incorporated in the thickness, with the creation of a solid anchoring of the tile at the bottom of the tube from the first stage of seasoning.
Our website is under construction. It is possible to request all the technical sheets of our products by contacting us.

tubi con gres incorporato, tubi base appoggio ercole, tubi circolari, tubi maschio femmina normali /forati, scatolari, tubi ovoidali, pezzi speciali (tronchetto – innesto – tubo pozzetto), guarnizioni armature resina gres
camerette, camerette circolari, solette, torrini, rivestimento gres, rivestimento resina
anelli e pozzetti, pozzetti sifonati, pozzetti di cacciata, pozzetti legnano, pozzetti elettrici, griglie chiusini e coperchi piani
cordoli, cordoli a L, spartitraffico, cunett, cunette francesi, scivoli per disabili e dardini, panettoni, marciapiedi a sbalzo
prima pioggia, disoleatori, degrassatori, dissabbitori, fosse biologiche Imhoff, Imhoff a galleria, serbatoi e Imhoff in PVC
anelli perdenti, anelli di recupero, vasche di accumulo monoblocco, pozzetti sifonati, canali grigliati, canali, fossi di guardia, embrici, tubi forati, pozzetti di cacciata, pozzetti contatori acqua, serbatoi e Imhoff in PVC

plinti porta cavo, canali passacavi, pozzetti portacontatori, pozzetti elettrici

pilastri e lastre, basamenti per recinzioni provvisorie, termini, panettoni, new jersey, green block e green wall, plinti portapaline, pali vigne, copertine, blogghi e mattoni new jersey in PVC, cordoli da giardino

porta contatori ENEL, porta contatori gas, pozzetti per contatori acqua, pozzetti elettrici

plinti corrugati, zavorre antisoffio, zavorre sub
corrugati, chiusini, griglie, tubi in PVC, tubi e mattonelle in gres, zincati, gradini e scale
certificato FPC, dosaggi


All our production is CE marked in compliance with current regulations, as well as ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2004 certification. The concrete used is FPC certified.

ISO 9001: it is the best known and used standard for quality management systems all over the world; in this way the end customer can have full confidence in the fact that the services and products placed on the market correspond to specific specifications and that all the phases relating to their realization are repeatable and verifiable.

ISO 14001: set of international standards relating to the environmental management of organizations, established by the International Standardization Organization. An environmental management that in our company did not stop at a simple corporate control strategy but in precise choices with less impact on the consumption of energy resources. We are in fact equipped with a 138 kw photovoltaic system and we use water resources wisely, favoring S0 mixes with lower water consumption and methods of recovering rainwater.

FPC concrete certification:
certification of the production control system (FPC) of ready-mixed concrete obtained with an industrialized process The concrete obtained from an industrialized process must come from plants suitable for constant production, which have adequate packaging equipment, experienced personnel and equipment suitable for testing, evaluating and maintaining the quality of the product until installation. These requirements are governed by the DM 17/01/2018 “Technical Standards for Construction”, according to which the plants must comply with the Factory Production Control (FPC – Factory Production Control).

Certificato ISO 9001
Certificato ISO 14000
Certificato ISO 9001
Certificato FPC

Quality and Environment

A company must not only have the ability to produce and sell the products, respect and collaborate with customers and suppliers, today it must take into account the values ​​and concerns of society: the environment, energy resources, which constitute the new individual needs and collectives. Everyone is called to reduce their “ecological footprint” through a new focus that involves all aspects of doing business. Giudici Geom. Ambrogio – TUBITALIA has been operating concrete products since 1960. The very long experience matured to date, the constant appreciation of Tubitalia products together with the continuous evolving needs of customers and markets have led our company to the decision to implement a system compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001. Almost choice unique in the prefabrication sector which underpins the pursuit not only and simply of product quality but also above all of the sustainability of the entire enterprise system in respect of the environment that surrounds us, everyone’s heritage.


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